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How to Lead Productive Meetings in 2019

By: The Statler Hotel at Cornell University / 01 Apr 2019
Productive Meetings in NY | The Statler Hotel at Cornell University
A productive meeting demands a lot of effort in focussing on the essentials of the agenda. A change in location and conducting meetings along refreshing views of the city can help provide your peers with a clearer mindset. Our Ithaca venues are designed for impactful, distraction-free functions so read more on how you can use it to the best of your advantage.

Think out of the box this year and try different location options in order to offer attendees a new perspective for your next big meeting in Ithaca, NY. Bright, inviting spaces conveniently located by along breathtaking views of Cornell University, provide a refreshing change from the ordinary & are great in helping workers step away from the office. Here are some more quick tips on ensuring a productive meeting.

Smart Tips for Productive Meetings

  • Prepare an agenda - Finalizing on clear points to convey during a meeting is essential in order to prevent from straying away in conversation. Having an agenda and sticking to it, upkeeps time management and also prepares yourself beforehand. Take an extra step and send to ahead of schedule to all the attendees. That way, your peers know what to expect!
  • Encourage Participation - With large meetings, it's easy to get too involved in being a great speaker. Requesting attendees to participate keeps them on their feet and allows a healthy exchange of different ideas across the table. Throw a question to someone and ask them for their insight. This also opens up the opportunity to hear more varied ideas and suggestions.
  • Lesser Attendees - Too many cooks spoil the broth and this statement resonates in the corporate world as well. Keeping a cap on the number of people invited to a meeting allows the speaker to be more personable with their team. The golden rule is to only invite those who have something to contribute, can get something out of it, or are directly affected by the outcome.
  • Focus on quantitative needs - How much work needs to be done? What has to be delivered and when? How many individuals are on the project? These are some questions to focus on when you end your meeting. Acknowledging the number of tasks pending serves as a better way in delegating work. Send out meeting minutes immediately after, so your peers have it on writing as well!

Meeting Venues in Ithaca, NY

Also, as previously mentioned, why not try to have your meeting in a different venue all together. Finding the right location is vital for planning productive meetings. Set amid the picturesque Cornell University campus, The Statler Hotel provides an inspired setting for success. With 16,000 square feet of versatile meeting space, experienced event planners and culinary team we can ensure you the perfect gathering free from distractions. Browse through our floor plans and plan a productive meeting in Ithaca!

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