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The Statler Hotel's Leadership Development Program

At Cornell University

Groundbreaking hospitality leaders are made here...

Created in the premier hotel that teaches, The Statler Hotel's Leadership Development Program gives students of the Nolan School the opportunity to apply the lessons they learn in the environment of our four-diamond hotel.

by building skills from the ground up.


If you complete all levels of the program, you will have:

  • The confidence to operate at a four-star service level
  • The ability to create and share a compelling vision
  • The strategies to successfully execute decision
  • The experience of coaching teams who feel valued

We create well-rounded, unique learning experiences.

Through HLDP's curation of networking events, leadership seminars, and a city-wide immersion trip each year, members gain a greater understanding of the industry and set a foundation for a career they love.

Our interests lie in a variety of fields.

HLDP is rooted in hotel and restaurant operations, but members learn communication, teamwork, and planning skills that prepare them for a variety of careers. By taking on special projects in operations, sustainability, design, asset management, analytics, and more, our members have the opportunity to explore their passions in various parts of the hospitality industry.