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About Us

HLDP started with a Hotelie focus.


The Hotel Leadership Development Program was officially started in 2003 by Rick Adie ‘75. This program was built on the hotel's long term commitment to provide a hands-on learning laboratory for future leaders. As a life-long Hotelie and former General Manager of The Statler Hotel, Mr. Adie's vision was to create an environment where ____.

Since then, we have graduated over 300 alumni that have dramatically changed the landscape of the industry.

We are committed to top-quality, personal experiences.

HLDP's mission is to provide an individually crafted hospitality leadership development experience that will inspire future leaders who will change the world of hospitality. This closely models The Statler Hotel's mission to be the premier hotel that teaches and harbor learning and growth in every aspect of the hotel.

Our values permeate all aspects of the program.

The leadership program is at the heart of The Statler Hotel's values. Explore some of our values below:
  • Deliver a WOW
    Deliver a WOW

    Settle for nothing less than giving our best. Master the fundamentals and beyond.

    "We show up ready to be the best we can every single day. Our students are not only competent at every level, they excel."
    - Thomas Gisler, Director of Food and Beverage

  • Make the Difference TOGETHER
    Make the Difference TOGETHER

    Empower our team to communicate and act without fear. Connect with transparency, dignity and respect. Build trust and confidence.

    "The magic of The Statler Hotel is that our students have the opportunity to choose their own path and develop their leadership style."
    - Nicole Boosembark, Director of Planning and Administration

  • PURSUE Learning
    PURSUE Learning

    Seek and share knowledge. Nurture personal and professional growth for all.

    "We seek out talent that is excited to learn AND teach. As the Premier Hotel That Teaches, both parts are imperative to the success of our hotel."
    - Arthur Keith, General Manager

  • LIVE a Life of Service
    LIVE a Life of Service

    Be of service to our guests and each other. Humbly contribute our efforts and talents to our Cornell, local and global communities.

    "We can't be the cherished gathering place of Cornell enthusiasts without going the extra mile."
    - Autumn Rose Greenberg, Manager of the Regent Lounge

  • OWN It
    OWN It

    Commit to holding ourselves, and each other accountable for results.

    "We are just as responsible for the outcome of an event or guest experience as anyone else in the hotel."
    - Marian Levy Ware, Director of Sales and Marketing


    Ignite our team. Acknowledge contributions. Honor accomplishments. Think big and have fun.

    "The family-like community we create here allows us to deliver exceptional service to our guests and our staff."
    - Jana English, Executive Sous Chef of Mac's & Terrace

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