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Front View Of university at Ithaca USA

Hospitality Meets Learning at The Statler Hotel

The Hotel Leadership Development Program (HLDP) offers top Hotel School students professional experiential learning and certification that complements what they learn in the classroom.

HLDP participants progress through several paid employment phases, from entry-level positions to student director. Each phase requires a specified minimum hours of paid employment at The Statler Hotel and is completed through a certification process. To prepare for each certification, students are trained in the basic skills of each position. After the participant masters the position, a certification evaluation is conducted. 

Cross-Divisional work experiences are also required for students to ensure a broad exposure to hotel operations. Students who progress to the level of Statler Fellow will have reached the pinnacle of the program and are ready to become effective hospitality managers.

Rani Bernstein working at The Statler Hotel Ithaca, USA

Rani Bernstein

Working at The Statler Hotel has been my most defining experience during my time at The Hotel School. It's humbling to be a part of the incredibly dedicated team of students and full-time staff that work each day to create the most elevated experience for our guests. I could not have anticipated the opportunity I've been given to develop my leadership skills, nor the amount of knowledge I would learn from the amazing staff. Working here has solidified my passion for the hospitality industry and given me the skills to be successful upon graduation.
Liam O’Brien at The Statler Hotel

Liam O’Brien

My experience at the Hotel School would not be complete if I wasn't working at The Statler Hotel. No education or theoretical understanding can substitute for a hands-on learning experience. Additionally, I've met some of my closest friends and mentors as a line cook at Taverna Banfi. The Statler Hotel has become my home away from home.
Ilsa Gruber working at The Statler Hotel Ithaca

Ilsa Gruber

Working at The Statler Hotel has given me the hands-on experience and leadership skills I will need to succeed in the future. It is truly a place like no other, thanks to our incredible full-time staff who generously offer their expertise and mentorship daily to teach and inspire the next generation of hoteliers.
Frances Tapping working at Statler Hotel

Frances Tapping

The Statler Hotel has given me an incredible opportunity to put into practice the concepts we learn in class. At The Statler, we see professional staff and ambitious students combine their passion and knowledge to serve and become great leaders. This is more than a hotel, it is a place of learning and research. I've grown immensely as a leader and am more excited to begin my career in the hospitality industry every day!