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The Past, Present, and Future of Hospitality

The Statler Hotel and the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hospitality are boldly innovating the standards of service for the hospitality industry. The Hospitality School attracts a diverse, global student body, many of whom work in the hotel during their time in school. Many alumni have gone on to become leaders in the industry.
The hotel's legacy of hospitality began in the 1950s with the Statler Inn and then became The Statler Hotel in 1989 after a $30 million complete rebuild. The transformation ushered in a new chapter of hospitality leadership and innovation.

Today, the AAA Four Diamond Award-winning property provides the best hospitality in Upper New York State. The hotel's management team, staff, and students take great pride in continuing its tradition of service to guests while setting new standards for hospitality and leadership development.

The Collegiate Lifestyle Hotel at Statler Hotel in USA

The Collegiate Lifestyle Hotel

The Statler Hotel combines everything great about the college experience. Lifelong connections with guests, Cornell alumni, and fellow staff. Shared pride in a job well done. Executives obsessed with guest satisfaction and student success. Collaboration and learning that improves service each and every day.
Educating A New Generation of Hospitality Leaders at The Statler Hotel

Educating The Next Generation of Hospitality Leaders

The Statler Hotel takes great pride in educating the world's emerging hospitality leaders and providing them a real-world opportunity to practice the skills they learn in the classroom. On an annual basis, more than 300 students work alongside seasoned professionals to provide the level of hospitality that is expected from the premier hotel that teaches.
Top students are selected to the Hotel Leadership Development Program, which allows them to participate in key decisions along with management and oversee key aspects of the guest experience.
The Statler Hotel Sustainable Hospitality

Sustainable Hospitality

At The Statler Hotel, we believe in sustainability on and around the Cornell campus. Working with the University's Campus Sustainability Office, the staff at the Statler is dedicated to preserving the Big Red campus and Planet Earth as places where generations can prosper.

Through a host of green initiatives, including recycling, composting, and water and energy conservation, we are able to offer superb hospitality while preserving the natural resources of upstate New York.


Comprehensive recycling program, including cardboard, glass, tin, plastic containers, bulk metals, and paper products of all kinds

  • How you can help: please put recyclable items into the correct bins provided around the hotel

Drink clean, return green program, a reusable aluminum bottle system that offers unlimited refills to reduce single-use plastic

  • How you can help: please leave the bottles back at the hotel so we can give them a new life

Linen reuse, by allowing guests the option of reusing bed linens and towels, we reduce energy, water, and detergent used in our laundry department

  • How you can help: please hang your towels on the towel rack if you want to reuse them, and please leave your towels on the floor if you want us to replace them

Water conservation, including infra-red, motion-sensor, auto-water valves in all public restrooms and sinks

  • How you can help: please inform us if you notice any water leaks or waste

Energy conservation, by employing timers and sensors for lighting fixtures in locations such as closets and mechanical rooms

  • How you can help: please inform us if you notice any electrical default

Food composting, over 600 gallons of food waste are sent to Farm Services every week

Hazardous material disposal program, including cooking greases, fluorescent and mercury light bulbs, outdated chemicals, computer equipment, refrigerants, lead acid, and nickel cadmium, lithium oxide, and mercury battery


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